Real hair don't care

You are born into a bundle of keratin strings (yes, we carry that naturally yay!) a.k.a hair. It can be curly, straight, wavy or undefined (so what?) and it grows at different speeds, quick being for the lucky ones, but nevertheless carries the infinite possibilities of creating yourself, a sorta' soundless voice that introduces you wherever you go. The secret to this natural power is keeping it real, learning to listen to it and taking care of what your momma gave you. How, you ask? Your other momma, Pacha, got your back and this turning into all the goodies she's gave us is the answer, no longer do we want harsh chems and fake polished looks... yeah, for real I woke up like this! 

Healthy is you, happy is you, whether it's long, short, uneven, tied up in a bun or wild and loose, the real you is the one we care for.